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Destiny 2 plays like most open world shooters. When you played the first version of Destiny it truly felt like a new world and had that mix of excitement and challenge. Destiny 2 expanded upon that same feeling and made the world much more expansive. The side quests were plentiful and the world quests were great to do with a random group of people. The gearing system gives you customization like no other FPS RPG that I have seen before.


The dreaded aspect of any MMORPG is leveling. Grinding out so many levels just to be able to do all the stuff that matters is never fun. In Destiny 2’s case it is only level 20 for the base level cap. The expansions raise the level cap by 5 levels typically. Along with level cap you also need the right gear to have your light level be on par with other players. This makes it rather challenging, but not anything new if you have been playing MMOs all your life. I think the gearing and leveling systems is pretty easy to keep up with in Destiny 2.


All MMOs have two roads. PVP and PVE and Destiny has a good mix of each. The PVP is Destiny is possible to do without a whole arsenal of high level gear, although you will be at a bit of a decline in terms of damage. Destiny 2 balances their PVP to an extent and does not require you to PVE your way into PVP, but it is always a good start. You can earn gear from PVP matches. Earning gear from PVP is random and not the best in terms of linear progression.


Destiny has always had unique PVE missions. The storyline is easy to follow and you always want to find out more. The only issue is that it can feel pretty repetitive. While the objectives may change it always follows the standard “shoot the bad guys until it is over” which can be fun, but you never really need to learn the mechanics as they rarely change. Sure there may be some curve balls thrown in every so often, but those are scarce. While Destiny’s PVE is enjoyable I feel that it caters to a more casual player base rather than hardcore players. Granted Destiny is unique in the sense that it is cross platform, and that is an achievement in itself.

Honest Remarks

While I do call the PVE side of Destiny 2 a bit too casual for my taste that is not always a bad thing. I grew up playing MMOs and am used to a certain level of intensity. The kicker is that my MMOs were never playable on a console. Destiny 2 was the most ambitious MMO on the market to bring a popular game to both consoles and PC. There are other on the market, but they fall short in comparison to the stranglehold Destiny 2 has. The beauty of Destiny 2 is in its simplicity whether you are a non-stop Destiny player or a player that like to play it every so often, you know exactly what you are getting into when you play Destiny 2. Class balance is not going to destroy your character. Gear may become outdated, but you still have a fighting chance versus other players. PVE is pretty straight forward and not very hard to find a match up for. I highly recommend anyone looking for an MMO shooter that is at your control of relaxation and intensity. Get out there and go save the world!

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