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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BFA) is the newest expansion to the World of Warcraft franchise. The previous expansion Legion was one of the most loved expansions in a long while. With a new class being added and a deeper look into well known characters there was much in terms of closure and many loose ends were tied off. The lull in content felt very long during the last few months of Legion, but was short lived compared to WoD. Battle for Azeroth released in August and in six months added a new raid and a new arena season, but does the game live up to the hype?


Battle for Azeroth promised us alot in terms of content. Warfronts were supposed to be relevant and I thought that they were going to be a soft reset into making large pvp maps great once more. I also thought that Kul’Tirans and Zandalari Trolls would be available on release, but this was not the case. While that was a let down, I think I was mostly disappointed with the fact that the other allied races are still rep gated in the previous expansion. Even if you joined BFA fresh you would have to grind the previous expansions reputation just to gain the ability to play as other races.


While I am disappointed with the way warfronts and allied races went. I am actually quite satisfied with the content. Uldir was the first raid to be released and it was actually quite enjoyable and was the first raid I actually grinded out since Cataclysm. The dungeons are pretty unique and easy to learn once you have done them enough as well. The new raid Battle of Dazar’alor is in my top 3 of best raids released with ICC and Naxxaramas holding true. Battle of Dazar’alor is pretty challenging, but the raid itself is incredibly unique. At one point you are changed to the opposite faction and get to play from their perspective. This is something that has never been done before. Your racials change which messed up my DPS slightly. I believe Method was the world’s first to down Jaina in Battle of Dazar’alor making WoW history.

The world quests and world bosses are pretty easy to gear with too. While we don’t love the way Warfronts turned out we do see their value. The hybrid pve/pvp aspect of it does give you something to do, but it never feels challenging. I haven’t ever failed or lost a warfront, so I just turn myself on autopilot for the duration of the match. Warfronts do gives some high item level peices of gear though and having a guaranteed piece is pretty nice.


We are now in season 2 in world of warcraft PVP and I have loved PVP more in this expansion than any other. I feel that it is straight forward and the real skill is getting the CC chain off. Every class can live much longer than before and the counters feel fewer than in other expansions. While you still have your top tier classes and specs I feel that all classes are mostly viable in 3s up to a certain cap of course. My only issue with pvp is the gearing though. While it is easy to grind out the 500CR per week I would like to see some implementation of badges to be able to buy specific pieces of gear. I was stuck with a 345 trinket for the entirety of season 1. Even with grinding mythics and raids I could not seem to find a way to replace that one trinket. That is my only gripe with PVP in the current state. Other than that RBGs and Arenas are very fun and much easier to find since the addition of group finder.


Every MMO has leveling and it is incredibly dreaded. Luckily with the addition of BFA all you need is game time to get all the expansions up to legion and then you just need to buy BFA which gives you a free boost up to level 110. With a level cap of 120 that free boost is well worth it and welcomed. Granted if you are completely new to the game I would recommend leveling the old fashion way just to learn the ropes as it can be overwhelming to start a game at nearly max level without any prior knowledge. You do get a short class tutorial, but that is not much in terms of teaching you the entire game.

Leveling in BFA is pretty fast and easy. I think each of the 3 zones per faction have an interesting story line with Nazmir still being my favorite. If you dread questing then you have the ability to pay gold for freehold runs which will get you to level cap in around 120, but you will be severely under geared. Another option for leveling is by doing Island Expeditions which give a few bars per expedition and are completed pretty quickly.

Classes and Races

While there were no new classes added in BFA the amount of races has increased exponentially. Each faction received 3 new races with one more race being added to each class at some point. I really want to race change to a Zandalari troll as soon as possible. The class system feels more balanced than before. Every expansion has the top tier classes and that is normal, but every class feels viable. Fire Mages can hit hardcore Greater Pyroblasts in pvp which I don’t love, but adapting is part of the game.

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While BFA was one of the most anticipated expansion for WoW in a very long time the game fell short in a few areas. The promises made did not come as soon as the game’s release and we are all still waiting on some to be fulfilled. BFA’s content is incredibly fun and challenging and can be good for any casual or hardcore gamer out there. The PVP system needs work in terms of gearing, but as a general whole PVP is worthwhile and fun to play. Arenas and RBGs feel more challenging and the rewards give the player a sense of satisfaction not felt in the older expansions. In general gearing is not very linear, but that gives BFA some character and does not hold you to a set of specific guidelines you need to follow. Do some PVE here and some PVP there and you character will be stacked to the teeth if the RNG is in your favor at least. All in all I would highly recommend BFA to anyone and I will continue playing the game. Buy your copy, choose a side, and save Azeroth once again in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

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