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Rocket League is a game that isn’t super easy to describe, except it’s basically race car soccer. It’s almost like FIFA and Forza had an illegitimate child together. The standard game mode in Rocket League is Soccar (yeah that’s the name). There are other game modes such as Hoops that plays more like basketball to really give you a challenge, but most of the other game modes follow the same basic formula of their Soccar game mode. Rocket League is available on all systems inclduing the Nintendo Switch!

Game Play

Along with the arcadey game modes just as Hoops and Snow Day the casual game modes stick to the same basic principle that most games pick. There is a 1v1 mode in both casual and competitive play. The 2v2mode is also available for both casual and competitive play. Then there is a 3v3 team mode and 3v3 non team made where you will either get paired up with your party or the game will find you random players.

The game consists of 5 minute rounds where the team with the highest number of goals wins. Pretty simple right? The map is pretty large and scoring can be rather difficult. Learning to boost at the right time is vital to performance and being a team player will help you monumentally in this game.

In the competitive scene there are tiers that determine your rank. As you win you will increase your rank until you reach Grand Champion which is the top tier of the ranks. The first thing you will need to do is play your 10 placement matches to determine where you will sit in the league. Depending on Skill level and MMR your rank may vary due to the number of wins or losses you have. If you go 0-10 don’t be surprised if you rank much lower than someone that wins half their placement matches. As with any ranked game climbing the bracket is all about improvement and grinding.


Would it really be a team based race car soccer game without an arsenal of customization options? The customization does not really apply to game play as that would give players an unfair advantage. The customization options are aesthetics based, but not all of them are easily obtainable. If you want the shiniest and rarest car in the game you will need to grind out packs and earn the rewards. Once you have your car customized the way you want send us a picture on our twitter we love to see the different car mods out there.

Ironclad Review

Rocket League has a pretty high skill ceiling and it takes a while to improve. Once you get the hang of it you will be dribbling better than Neymar ever could in a race car. The fact that the game has such a high skill ceiling is exactly why we recommend it. It is an incredible unique game that we have not seen replicated on any level. At a pretty affordable price of $30 or under we highly recommend this game to you! Get it today and score those sweet goals!

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