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Warframe is a pretty interesting MMO. When I first played it the game reminded me of Destiny, but with a bit more movement and different aspects to weapons. The class system was limited much like Destiny’s but I feel this is good for balancing issues. The missions are fairly standard and can be done alone of with a group. The coolest aspect to me was getting my own spaceship that acted as a hub for other missions and places to visit.


I am not going to lie. I was a little underwhelmed by the pvp in Warframe. My first time in game I didn’t have a weapon which was user error, but I also could not requip my weapons. I basically ran around the map waiting for my staff. I was severely under leveled and did no damage to anybody either. I did not like these aspects, but the thing I disliked the most was the lack of players in the PVP setting. I feel that a MMO shooter should at least have a good amount of players in their pvp setting.


If you like PVE then you will honestly never run out of things to do in Warframe. The game has about as much do to PVE wise as Skyrim or maybe Fallout would be a better connection. You can grind out loot and get your character modded from the ground up and really become the most powerful character in the game. As of right now there are no more raids, but we hope these may come back at some point.


All in all the game play is incredibly satisfying. You can do entire missions in stealth mode with a bow or sniper. You can get up close and personal and beat them up with you melee weapons, or you can practice your gun game play and dominate the area. The options are unlimited. You are basically a space ninja.

Overall Review

Overall I would say that Warframe is definitely worth your time. The game is FREE and on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so that shouldn’t hold you back. I know what you are thinking “it’s free so it HAS to be pay to win” and you’d be dead wrong. This is one of the few free MMOs out there that is grindable. You can buy upgrades and all that with real cash, but you can just as easily grind them out in game. This gives the game some extra points in my book. Other than the lack of PVP I have to say that Warframe is a quality game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it! Download your FREE copy today on your systems game store.

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