Classic WoW

Nostalgia Alone

While nostalgia is a huge factor in me personally playing Classic WoW there is more to it. I missed the community as a whole. I hope that the servers are locked and that you actually have to find a group through blood, sweat, and /who. Questing the barrens and getting random party invites to help with dungeons or quests was my fondest memory. I made way more friends playing Vanilla through WOTLK than I ever did playing the other expacs. I miss being on a pvp server and just getting ganked by some Night Elf Rogue with nothing better to do. The random PVP encounters that are sometimes even and sometimes one sided. I am really excited to do the old du grin progressions like Dire Maul, Scarlet Monastry, and Blackrock Depths! I loved Scarlet Monastery, the lore behind it always intrigued me. I loved learning the human and Alliance lore even though I only ever played a horde character.

Other Than Nostalgia

I miss the grind of an MMO. I feel like I haven’t been earning anything as of late. I mostly PVP due to the fact that I want to think I earned my gear, titles, and mounts. I was pretty young during Vanilla and never got to experience it in it’s entirety. I basically get to go back in time with the knowledge I have as an adult and play a game that was new and difficult for a child. I get to min max my stats and play a class that is rewarding. I want those long fought Warsong Gulch matches and Alterac Valley matches that lasted forever. I think Classic WoW is exactly what the WoW community needs.

For the Future

Blizzard has laid off a large number of employees, but Classic WoW is still green lit. I hope that we can get the other loved expansions in the future and have dedicated and first party servers for all of our beloved expansions. I mostly just want to go and experience a true 40 man raid and see what nightmares and rewards that they may bring.


I really feel like MMOs aren’t what they used to be, and maybe it is because of my age. I used to be able to spend hours on World of Warcraft leveling or procrastinating leveling. I missed the rep grind and the level caps. Oddly enough gearing WAS my favorite thing in World of Warcraft, but the new gear system is not something I enjoy anymore. I still love World of Warcraft and I play BFA often, but I am insanely excited for Classic WoW to come out sometime this year!