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Anthem is an MMO Third Person Shooter set in a futuristic fantasy world. The main source of the world’s issue seems to be the Anthem that needs to be silenced and mission’s are done to stop the cataclysm’s caused by the Anthem. The game hosts four classes also known as Javelins. Javelins are mechs that you character uses to go on missions and they can be customized in both look and abilities. The PVE and story line is intriguing and adrenaline pumping.


Anthem hosts four total classes that range like your typical RPG classes, but vary due to the fact that it is an 3PS. You’ll have to play through the tutorial before you get a chance to pick your class, so don’t be caught off guard.

The Ranger, which is the first class you are introduced to and is one of my favorites. This class is super balanced and can do pretty much anything. Wanna snipe? Go for it. If you want to get in close and be a front line fighter then even better. The ranger also gets a melee attack called the Shock Mace that will electrocute enemies (this matters). The only thing a ranger can’t wield in terms of weaponry is Heavy Weaponry and this brings us to our next class.

The Colossus, which you get a glimpse of in the tutorial mission. The Colossus is the Tank of Anthem and uses more defensive abilities to keep themselves and their team mates alive. The colossus can use Heavy Weaponry and is the only class that is able to do so, but the down side to this is that you cannot use pistols or sub machine guns, yeah like you’d want one when you can carry heavy weaponry anyway. Their Melee strike can smash into the ground from the air which is rather unique. If you like tanking then this is your class!

The Storm, much like a popular comic book hero, Storm relies of magic-esque abilities to do damage. This makes Storm Anthem’s “mage” class if you want to look at it that way. THe only difference is abilities and all the Javelins use guns as their base damage. I will say that having a storm on your team will prove useful as they can freeze people and use fire. The melee ability for Storm is a fire strike that deals damage and pushes enemies away. This is useful if you are getting overwhelmed and need a way out. Storm is also able to wield all weapons except heavy.

The Interceptor, the interceptor is the ninja of Anthem and is mostly about getting in your hits and getting out. You deal massive damage, but your damage threshold is lower. You truly are an agile force to be reckoned with. Like all the other Javelins Interceptors cannot use Heavy weaponry, but they can use all others. This Javelin relies more heavily on their melee attacks than anything else and using a closer ranged gun may prove useful for those fights. If you liked Warframe then the Interceptor may be the class for you!

Game Play

Anthem is an incredibly smooth game. The scenery is incredible to look at and the graphics are top notch. The gun play is like any other MMO shooter, with no bullet drop and pretty easy to hit shots. The main note I wanted to touch on is the flying aspect. This is the first MMO that I have played where the flying felt this smooth. Not only can you fly your character around for a time (until you overheat, and then cool down) you can also shoot while you are steady in the sky. This was the feature that took me by surprised. I was on cloud nine when I saw that feature in this game. The abilities are great you have a melee, and then two separate abilities that are unique to your class. You can change your abilities as you level up. The missions remind me a lot of Destiny 2 and you can read how we felt about that in the link provided. What surprised me was how smooth the servers were for a pre-launch. That may change on Launch day, but who knows.

Ironclad Review

Anthem is a masterpiece of a game in terms of game play. I think it hits all the key notes that Destiny didn’t, and we thoroughly enjoyed Destiny. I was worried that Anthem would be another Destiny clone, but I was dead wrong. I had as much pre hate as I did excitement for this game, I did not want to get my hopes up. This game exceeded all my expectations. Stunning visuals, flying that is easy to control and is more than “just a way to get around”, and sweet gun play. Not to mention the insane amount of customization the game offers. I also want to let you know that you don’t have “characters” you have one character that can control all the Javelins they just need to be unlocked at some point. This was a neat feature, I can stay the same level and never have to start from Scratch. My MAIN concern is the lack of PVP. From what I understand there will be no pvp in Anthem and that is a bit of a downside to me. I need PVP in my shooting games. As of RIGHT now there is no PVP and there will be no PVP at launch either. The community also seems to be against pvp as well as they say it will bring about balancing issues. Balancing issues really are just a part of MMOs in general. All in all I highly recommend Anthem for any gamer that wants gorgeous visuals and a new style of game play. We REALLY hope there is PVP in the future, but that will not stop us from grinding this game out and seeing everything the game has to offer. Anthem is set to release February 22, 2019 get your copy today!

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