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Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s second attempt at making one of their popular RPGs into a full MMO. In Fallout 76 you are one of the first settlers to come out of the vault and try to rebuild the nation once again. You were told there would be some dangers, but never expected too much. The game allows you the same fighting capability as Fallout games, but also gives you the ability to build base camps similar to Fallout 4.

Game Play

Much like the more recent Fallout games you have a character that you get to customize. Your stats are you own to pick from becoming a brute with 1 intelligence and 10 melee to becoming a well balanced assassin and so on. It was nice to see the addition of the SPECIAL tree even though it was an MMORPG and stats are ever changing. Being able to make your character what you want is what makes Fallout so unique.

Unlike other Fallout games the side missions are simple, but plentiful. You have to realize that in an MMO there will always be that level grind and we can never get through it. The side quests did feel a bit mundane and I didn’t care too much for them. The “main” story line was also a bit on the boring side, but I never cared too much about that in my MMOs. My issue though is I was playing FALLOUT not just another MMO. I want that rich story line that makes me go “What!? Are you serious?”. I felt kind of cheated out of that. Granted there are some cool stories in the game, but I felt like Fallout 76 missed the mark somewhere along the way.

Open World

The coolest part about Fallout 76 is the open world. This has been one of the few MMORPGs that actually felt like an open world. With other players out there you can be both helped or hurt by what they decide to do. This is what the world would be like in the post-apocalypse. While I hated running into high level players that would kill me, I loved it at the same time. It reminded me of playing Vanilla World of Warcraft and getting destroyed while questing in Stranglethorn Vale.

Ironclad Critiques

Honestly, I cannot recommend buying this game at least not for the full price. Fallout 76 missed the mark of a Fallout RPG and became some weird MMO that was in the Fallout world. I felt the same way about Elder Scrolls Online when it first came out, but I hear that ESO is now a pretty cool game. I actually dreaded this review and kept it short for a reason. I LOVE Fallout. I have a giant pipboy that I can wear on my wrist and it is my prized possession. For Fallout 76 to be a disappointing game for me is probably the saddest thing that could ever happen. I want Fallout 76 to be good, I truly do. I just do not love it right now, but I am hopeful that it improves and isn’t just scrapped. That or I hope for a single player Fallout game in the near future to get the taste of this game out of my mouth. I highly recommend playing through the other Fallout titles if you haven’t already. I will link my two favorite’s down below. If you still want to get Fallout 76 then try out our Gamefly affiliate that will give you 2 weeks of Free Gamefly which should be long enough for you to come to your conclusion.

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