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If you have played video games you entire life you have probably heard of Mario Nintendo’s Mascot. Mario is such a simple classic and holds dear in my heart as one of the best game franchises of all time. From a simple side scrolling platform to an entire co-op party series Mario has been part of all of our child hood’s for a very long time. Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine were tied for our top favorite Mario’s, but Mario Odyssey has become a close third. Each new installment of Mario gives us a whole new world to explore and we love that. I actually replayed Super Mario Sunshine just to get back in the groove of Mario and I am still hopeful for a port on the 3DS or Switch (fingers crossed). Mario Odyssey is a 3D platformer for the Nintendo Switch. Let’s see what there is to love and hate about this game!

Game Play

Mario Odyssey’s game play is actually pretty interesting, but a bit overly in depth. In this game you are given a hat upgrade, that’s right the iconic M hat has been altered! The hat still basically stays the same, but now you will be using it to accomplish certain tasks and you can use it to boomerang enemies down. The hat can be controlled via the switch motion sensors or just regular controls. I wasn’t a huge fan of the motion controls of the wii and that has still followed, but luckily I can just use regular controls. I felt as though the addition of the hat upgrade really did reignite the fire that was Mario. While I loved Mario I had a bit of a Pokemon relationship with it. I love the game, but felt the classics were better then what we had on the Wii. Being able to use the hat to solve puzzles and take down enemies was absolutely incredible. The hat also give you the ability to “take over” certain living creatures. Taking over the creatures is similar the all the other power ups. The first creature you get to take over is a frog and I bet you can guess what you do as a frog. This addition is incredible unique and I absolutely love it. You also get to take over an iconic Mario franchise character in the beginning of the game, but I will let you find that out for yourself.


Mario’s story line has been fairly easy to follow. If you have never heard of the game or played it then I will give you a brief intro. Basically, you are a plumber that saves a princess from a giant dragon turtle. It’s the tale as old as time right? Mario Odyssey follows the same basic story, but with some divergence. SPOILER ALERT, If you hate any kinds of spoilers then scroll down to the “Ironclad Review” Portion for our tale on the game. Back to the minor spoiler, in this game you are trying to stop Bowser’s wedding. That’s right its a wedding episode, so who’s the lucky lady? Well it is the princess we all know and love Peach. This is also why we get a hat upgrade. Not only are we trying to save Peach but we are also trying to save our hat’s sister, which is not a sentence I thought I would say. Throughout the game the bosses will try to stop you and lo and behold they are helping plan Bowser’s wedding. Probably the most unique Mario story since Super Mario Sunshine.

Ironclad Review

Honestly, Mario Odyssey is amazing. I rarely get to play games that both challenge and remind me of my childhood. Normally I keep my Nostalgia goggles off when playing and reviewing games, but this one was just far too difficult. My only gripe with this game is that I strongly dislike motion controls on Console gaming. I was never a fan of it on mobile gaming either, but that’s another story. Mario Odyssey plays like a dream, and on the Switch I am glad that I can bring it anywhere. Being able to take over different creatures to get around and receive completely new powers made me feel like a mini Kirby. The game has in depth features and a story line that will have you begging for more. Luckily you can take it with you wherever you go! Fun fact Mario is actually named after Nintendo’s former landlord and Nintendo started out as a playing card company. Check out Mario Odyssey if you don’t want to buy then use the free Gamefly link or affiliate subscription above or buy it off Amazon below!

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