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Will Anthem Have PVP?

Anthem is the new breakout MMO coming out for PC and Consoles. The official launch in one day away and we still have no updates on whether Anthem will have PVP or not. As of right now the producer’s have given no update and I think fans are starting to worry. Anthem’s flying is incredibly smooth and the game play mixed with the story has lead us wanting more. Read our original Anthem review for more information on the game and find out how I felt.

PVP Matters

The community has discussed that PVP in Anthem could break the game. When it comes to PVP there is always a balancing issue in terms of classes and that is the main concern from the community. The main issue with that thought process is that every MMO will have some balancing issue regardless of PVE or PVP. There will always be a class that’s just a little better than the others and Anthem isn’t immune to that by any means. PVP in Anthem will give players something more to do than just the average PVE. After so long the grind gets boring and we just want to battle other players. The flying alone adds a whole new aspect to an MMORPG that hasn’t been seen before.

Destiny Vs. Anthem

Anthem and Destiny share a plethora of similarities. The main thing that sets Anthem apart is the flying and the lack of PVP. While Destiny is not a perfect game by any means the ability to PVP gives it an edge versus Anthem. I originally thought that Anthem could become a Destiny killer, but that would only ever happen if PVP is added. I truly hope that at some point PVP is added to Anthem.


It is very rare that an MMO perfects their balancing issue, especially in PVP. There will always be that one class that is just better than the others. If the issue is whether or not PVP impact PVE then the one fix to this issue is simple. Different Servers. While it may seem counter intuitive to have a whole server dedicated to PVP the games could live in harmony without PVP messing up PVE. He balancing issue would be non-existent and our PVE players can stay satisfied knowing they won’t be affected by PVP’s shenanigans.

Why I want PVP

By now it is no secret that I love PVP. The reason I want PVP in Anthem is simple. Anthem would be perfect for it. There is no game on the market that utilizes flying in the same way Anthem does. Imagine being on a giant battle field fighting 10v10 or 15v15 to capture the enemy flag. I think that the PVP in Anthem will have to be purely objective based which will also give the game it’s own set of tactics and strategies. I would love to see 1 flag CTF in Anthem, one team defends and the other is on offense. The other mode I would want to see would be King of the Hill. It is already somewhat built into the game and the lore behind it wouldn’t be far fetched.

In All

Anthem is still a beautiful game and has so much potential. While I am disappointed in the lack of PVP I am excited to see Anthem taking their own approach to an MMO. A shooting game that completely lacks PVP is an interesting concept and could spark a whole new genre of games. While it isn’t set in stone that Anthem WON’T have PVP, I feel like having no update on it is a bad sign. If you like PVE then order Anthem today by clicking the link or checking down below!