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Darksiders 3 is the third installment (obviously) of the Darkiders Franchise. The game took the world by storm in the early 2010s and has been successful ever since. The game takes on biblical lore and turns it into a tangible hack and slash RPG. In Darksiders 3 you follow one of the four horsemen known as Fury. Fury’s weapon of choice is a chain whip and she uses it very functionally. In this version of Darksiders you are trying to recapture the Seven Deadly Sins. While all this sounds great, let’s find out if the game is even worth you time, let alone money.


Darksiders 3 has an incredibly responsive combat system. The movement is simple and so are the buttons. You can do hit combos on your enemies to maximize damage done and taken. Watching Fury swing her whip around at demons is fun. We rarely see whips used in combat much like we don’t see people wielding Spears in video games either. The combat system is great and you have the ability to heal yourself, but that is limited and was something I didn’t like very much. I want to be able to heal more often and in Darksiders 3 that wasn’t really an option. Granted I am asking to be spoon fed game play, but dying easily makes the game incredibly difficult and most the time I just play RPGs for the story.


I will avoid as many spoilers as possible, but just to be safe here is a warning to scroll all the way to the bottom. Darksiders 3 follows Fury one of the four horsemen as she is trying to clean up the mess that War made (see Darksiders 1). Fury is a arrogant and impatient protagonist, but that is what I loved about her. She doesn’t want to take any nonsense and just wants the be the most powerful of all the Horsemen. She is sent on a quest alone and upon completion (maybe) will become the leader of the four Horsemen. This is her driving motivation and we love the selfish intentions she has. I will not go too in depth on the story as not to give too much away. The basic note is cool we get to fight the seven deadly sins, and that Fury is hardcore.

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Darksiders 3 plays like any other hack and slash or Action Rpg on the market. I can’t say that there is anything particularly unique about the combat system other than the weapon of choice. This isn’t always a bad thing as the game feels “comfortable”, but if you wanted something completely different you are out of luck. What gets Darksiders the most attention is the use of religion in their story. In the first one you get to fight both Angels and Demons alike and we are not sure what will come up in the third installment. Getting a strong visualization of the Seven Deadly Sins was also a huge plus. Envy looked exactly like you would think and these characters alone are worth buying the game for. If you want my recommendation I would rent it off Gamefly which you can get a free trial for if you click the Gamefly link. This way you are not committing in terms of monetary value to the game. Try Darksiders 3 today and tell us what you love.

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