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Vainglory started off as a unique mobile MOBA. The game had my heart when it first released and while I was not always an active player of it, I came back to it from time to time. For the longest time Vainglory was a 3v3 MOBA consisting of your typical MOBA aspects like spells and an item shop. The game underwent changes and eventually made a 5v5 map and has even made its way to PC, but are all these changes for the best? Let’s find out.

Mobile Versus PC

I love mobile gaming. I always will and I think it is the future of gaming along with VR. The game being on mobile may have had limiting factors in terms of UI and ease of access. I typically have a much harder time controlling my characters on mobile as opposed to PC, but Vainglory actually made this gap pretty easy to fill. The screen never felt cluttered during the 3v3 matches and I could actually see my character. The fact that it was exclusive to mobile gaming was a great niche factor and gave the platform legitimacy. Now that the game is on both mobile and PC I do not really see what sets it apart. PC gaming already has many popular mobas with a larger player base, and a UI customization.


The PC gaming community isn’t exactly the most patient. Right now you can’t remap your keybinds so you are stuck with the default. While yes, the game is not finished this could cause more problems down the road. Bringing a successful niche game to a platform that is already saturated with the same genre is a mistake. I have seen many mobas that were much more unique that Vainglory die in a matter of months. Granted Vainglory already has a solid player base and amazing community. Focusing too much time and effort on getting PC up to par with their mobile version could lead to less support for the mobile game. I am not saying that will happen it was just a thought I had.


Vainglory has done extremely well in terms of eSports. Tournaments and competitions have been held since the release and the fans have loved it. The mobile app also had an easy way to access the tournament streams, which isn’t even done on most PC games. The competition and community is large in Vainglory and if you don’t want to play casually you don’t have to.

5v5 Map

I actually hated the idea of a 5v5 map on Vainglory. I knew they would do a great job with the design and it would flawlessly fit into their game. The fans seem to love it, and I may be the minority, but I just didn’t like it. I liked having a quick moba game at my fingertips without having to worry about a 5v5 setup. There have been many 5v5 MOBAs on PC and Mobile and they all play the same. It’s boring at this point. Vainglory WAS different, but now it follows the same formula as all the other MOBAs. 3 lanes, a jungle, one mini boss, one major boss, towers, and 5v5? What MOBA did I just describe, that’s right all of them. Now let me describe another one, 1 lane, 3 towers on each side, and a jungle. That’s Vainglory.

Ironclad Review

I was definitely more harsh in this post than I have ever been on a game to date. Don’t get me wrong I love vainglory and I want everyone to try it out. The game is free and is available on PC and Mobile, so why not check it out? I am bitter about the fact that the game gave away its one redeeming quality to just become another generic MOBA. My only hope is that they promote the 3v3 more than the 5v5, but I know that won’t happen. I think everyone should try it out, but I can’t say I recommend this game for the 5v5. The 5v5 in Vainglory is like the 5v5 in every other MOBA, play the 3v3 and learn that meta. Right now there is also free loot on Vainglory with Twitch/Amazon Prime all you need to do is link your accounts and you are good to go. Sign up below or through our link to get other great deals through Twitch. Thanks for reading, and Farewell Traveler.

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