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I was unable to play the full game as it is not yet released. I played a demo that may or may not be indicative of the game upon release. With that in mind I will not really be judging the game as a whole, but only what I have played. Currently the Valfaris lore is on the developers website and the game is described as a “heavy metal 2D action-platformer” by them. That sounds pretty intense honestly. Valfaris is a bold game, but is it worth playing?


Valfaris actually hit me with some nostalgia upon first play. The game has the retro feel of Contra or Doom which were classics. My first thought was “This is like Megaman, but with gore” and that excited me to no extent. Yeah Valfaris definitely gave me a nostalgic feeling upon my first play through, but was that enough to keep me interested?

Game Play

Game play is subject to change in the future, the game is still in development. Typically, I stick to the default controls when playing any game and I try not to mess with them, but the only thing I would change about Valfaris as of right now is the movement keys. I am so used to moving with WASD that I forgot you could use the arrow keys. You can certainly remap the keys, however so that shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I just felt that the game’s controls weren’t entirely comfortable for me. Other than that the game is incredibly unique in it’s own way. You get to use a laser sword and blaster pistol as your offensive abilities and you have a shield that protects you. One interesting thing to note is that you can actually upgrade your sword and blaster pistol. You can jump, climb, and shimmy your way through the map, while being pursued by deadly foes. Check points are plentiful and I am not ashamed to admit that they came in handy for me. At one point in the demo I got overwhelmed by enemies and had to contemplate my next move. The game is challenging, and I missed that. I did wonder though if the challenge was enhanced by the clunky control setup that I kept, but that’s more my fault than anyone else’s.

Ironclad Review

What did I truly think of this game? I definitely recommend trying out the demo, but I will want to play the finished version before I can give a definitive recommendation. The UI is still clunky and the graphics aren’t as polished as they could be, so that is my only gripe with the game. The nostalgia was great, and the fact that there will be some amount of weapon customization has piqued my curiosity to some extent. The lore behind the game is worth a read even though it is a bit short. The weapons mixed with the shield was something I wasn’t used to and you need to use your shield sparingly during longer fights. Honestly the game was a truly challenging single player and that isn’t something I have seen for quite a while. Honestly, check the game out I can’t emphaisize that enough. If you enjoy it then add it to your steam wishlist. Check out and download the Valfaris off steam with the link down below.

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