Knights of Tartarus

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Recently, I had the pleasure of playing Knights of Tartarus, an indie game that is currently still in development. At first glance I expected the game to be like the classic NES Legend of Zelda, and boy was I surprised. The combat system probably isn’t what you are expecting, but it is something you may have experienced before. In fact it reminded me of the first iOS game I played to completion Arvale. Is Knights of Tartarus worth buying? Let’s find out.


Knights of Tartarus starts off in my favorite way possible. With no tutorial. This is great for veteran players, but may cause an issue with new players. There is a soft tutorial which is mixed in with the story mode, so that shouldn’t be much of an issue. Knights of Tartarus plays very well so far on computer and you can move with the arrow keys or the classic WASD.

The combat system in Knights of Tartarus is focuses on turn based fighting. My first reaction to the game was “Zelda with a pokemon combat system” even though this combat system has been done before, it still feels like the very first time with Knights of Tartarus. You have the ability to fight, use items, and use spells, and run during your battles. What really gave me the Pokemon vibe was the “Rival” that you meet in the first few minutes of the game. I actually found the Rival character to be very well done, and a great addition to the classic “Hero saves the world” adventure game.

The game also features items such as potions which isn’t anything new in adventure games. I did find out pretty early that you can wander into a group of high level creatures and pay the ultimate price. Don’t ask me how I found that out. The game also features a “crafting” feature which allows you to create and forge certain weapons and that is something you don’t always find in a game like this. Along with that there are also two classes in Knights of Tartarus, which I was not expecting. You can pick from either a Mage or a Warrior/Knight class. Which gives the game some extra points in the unique factor. I personally chose the melee class, but I think that’s because I was already expecting it. Keep that in mind when you pick your classes.

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So, after all this, is Knights of Tartarus worth it? Absolutely it is. The combat system may feel a little drawn out, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Games of this magnitude with such a small team of developers can create an easy to beat game that is a little overpriced, but Knights of Tartarus doesn’t do that. The real kicker is that Knights of Tartarus was created by a single developer, talk about indie. This game will give you a fulfilling story, in depth monster battles, and a challenging adventure with many terrors along the way. If you want an adventure and you like turn based combat with retro graphics then Knights of Tartarus is the game for you. As always we will link the game down below and you can try the demo of Knights of Tartarus by clicking the link. Here is a link to the creator’s Twitter Stello Hexis. Farewell Travelers.

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