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Bane of Existence

I will be honest I absolutely hate grinding in MMOs. It’s boring, repetitive, and if you’ve done it once you have done it a thousand times. Even though I hate it I will say that it is the most important aspect of MMOs that there is. Sure, grinding a certain amount of levels, gear, etc. to be level capped and experience end game content may seem unnecessary. It might be but think about it like this. Ranked games are make you reach a level cap also, and even then they have a tier list. Why would they do this? Well for the same reason MMOs do it, you need to play for a while to understand the game. By the time you hit level cap you will have a fundamental understanding of the game, and not much more. Even if you jumped into a game of ranked you may not understand the meta or objectives as well as veteran players.

Grinding in MMOs is the way to learn the game, and better yet learn your class. With each class being different from the others you will want to know your rotation, your cool downs, your escapes, and your defensive abilities. If you didn’t play around with those for 50 levels of the game then you will be at a huge disadvantage vs. the person that has been level capped far longer than you who has spent the months min-maxing his character since the start of their leveling experience. Even more so would you want a bunch of fresh max leveled characters in your dungeon, raid, or pvp? I wouldn’t, I used to see it first hand during the end of every WoW expansion and LFR was in rare form at that point. No fun. Battle for Azeroth is a little better in that regard. The leveling process seems smoother and I have enjoyed the story line so far, but after 3 characters I got a little bored. Find out more about Battle For Azeroth by reading our Battle For Azeroth Review.

Making the leveling experience more enjoyable is something that could help eradicate this feeling of cosmic purgatory that is leveling. I would prefer a leveling system similar to how Skyrim’s story line is. Not some random quests that don’t matter. I want a long story. I want to live out the entirety of Lord of the Rings and by the time I am done I hit level cap. Granted that would only fix the grind for one character, but that’s understandable. I feel that MMOs shy away from the RPG aspect that people are playing for. I rarely feel like I am playing an RPG when I am playing an MMORPG. There is little to no actual role play and it just turns into a huge grind fest until I hit end game. I will say that I do feel the RPG aspect a lot more in Final Fantasy Online and you can read about that in our Final Fantasy Review.


Every game has it’s flaws and no game will ever be perfect. I just wanted to share that while I hate the grind in MMOs they really are a vital process. The games themselves need the grind or else no one will know what to do. I do want to see more games with a long epic storyline that gets you to max level upon completion I think that would be an interesting game. I just want to feel like I am actually role playing and not just mindlessly playing an online video game. Check out some of our curated affiliate links below and farewell traveler.

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