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Ms. Director is a 16-bit noir style thriller. To get through the game you will need to solve puzzles and make your way through a mansion that is trying to kill you, but more on that later. I was absolutely shocked by the games style and approach to horror. Ms. Director is an indie game that has clearly had a lot of work put into it. We love indie games at Ironclad Gaming, but is this one worth your time? Let’s Find out.

Faint of Heart

If you like horror, but don’t like being horrified then this might be the game for you. The 16-bit style of graphics gives you some detachment from the game. While there are a few jump scares it wasn’t anything that isn’t manageable. The music will give you an eerie feeling for most of your play through, I even felt my heart rate change at certain points in the game, that or I had too much caffeine.

Game Play

I know I call indie games simple very often, and it may feel like an insult. It is not. Creating an entertaining game with simplistic features is actually an incredibly hard task to achieve. Ms. Director does it pretty well. The game’s predominant color scheme is black and white with certain important items being highlighted in red to let you know they are important. The game’s save feature is unlike anything I have seen, you talk on the phone to save, and that person is also attempting to help you through the game. Other than that you basically just interact with objects until you get a response, which is like any other puzzle game. Also like other puzzle games your environment will give you clues to solving the puzzles. Every so often there will be something coming to kill you and you will have to cleverly evade capture or it is game over.

Ironclad Review

Honestly, I hate horror games. Really anything scary and I’m not afraid to admit it. This game was surprisingly very playable for me. The game wasn’t all too scary, there were minor jump scares and some definite adrenaline rushes, but nothing that can’t be handled. The music in Ms. Director really adds to the thrilling ambiance that the game is trying to create along with that the sound effects are also a fantastic addition. The game is a beautiful mixture of art, sound, and story and I highly recommend it. This was actually the first time I have played a noir style game. If you like mystery, thrill, and unique art styles with a classic feel then you need to play Ms. Director. There is currently a demo on and I will link to the game so you can download it. We are not affiliated with the developers of Ms. Director, we just truly enjoyed the game. You can download the game for free, but you can give the developer tips. Remember to support your indie developers and if you enjoy the game let us know! Farewell Traveler.

Download Ms. Director off Here.

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