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Space Corgis

ProtoCorgi center’s around Bullet a puppy with a mission to save his master. The game is keyboard driven and there is a short tutorial, but this game definitely needs one. ProtoCorgi is an indie game by Kemono Games, and has a couple key features. This isn’t the first time we have reviewed an indie game with our first being Knights of Tartarus, and it won’t be the last time either. This was one of the first games that has totally stumped me and we will get to that later. Let’s find out if ProtoCorgi is worth a try.

Game Play

I say it all the time, I hate tutorials. I mostly mean I hate long tutorials, and ProtoCorgi’s tutorial is on the medium side in terms of length. I will say though, that this tutorial is pretty essential to the game, without it you probably would be missing a lot of key features. This is the part that stumped me, I am not entirely sure how to describe this game without butchering it. I also can’t think of a comparison game, but one is on the tip of my tongue. It is essentially a multi level side scroller set in space. Like Galaga, but not like Galaga at the same time. The game is unique I can definitely say that much. What I love most about the game is the chaos. Everything is trying to kill you and you have to triumph over the environment and the evil creatures. At no point did I ever feel safe, but I wasn’t about to let bullet down. Your primary fire spells out BARK which I absolutely loved, you can also hold it down to shoot automatically. Along the maps you will find upgrades that will assist you in the level and help you plow through your enemies. The upgrade feature is at your disposal and can be used frivolously or you can ration your abilities as you see fit. This was different and it took some getting used to.

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ProtoCorgi a game so unique I forgot what the genre was called. Is this game worth it? I absolutely think so. I think this game is perfect for everyone, but dog lovers especially. This is one of the few games that allows you to play from your furry best friend’s perspective. All he wants to do is save you, and if that’s not enough motivation to beat the game then I don’t know what is. The tutorial is longer than I would like, but that is justified of course. The game play will keep you in a constant state of chaos and I imagine it won’t let up until you beat the game. The upgrades and the BARK cannon were probably my favorite additions to the game as well as the fast paced movement. To reiterate I definitely recommend ProtoCorgi which can be downloaded on following this link. Remember to support your indie developers and read don’t forget to read our Ms.Director Review to see what we thought about that indie game. As always enjoy, and farewell traveler.

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