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I recently had the pleasure of playing the game Littlewood. Which is a tranquil RPG with town building elements. The game features a night and day sequence and you will have to play around that. Littlewood is an indie game that has gained a lot of traction on Kickstarter, so you may have already heard of it. The game features crafting and gather which will help you build your little town. Is this game worth it though? Let’s find out.

Game Play

Littlewood’s game play is pretty simple. On PC you move around with WASD and hit ESC to bring up the main menu which you can use for building and inventory. You will need to gather materials to craft and build your town up, and gather materials is as easy as tapping a button. You can interact with everything by pressing “enter” and that is how you will talk to your townsfolk. Upon first entry into the game you are greeted by your first citizen, Willow. who gives you a vague description of what happened. This leads to the mystery that is the game of Littlewood. Side note you get to name your town, and I couldn’t help but name it Littlewoo (comment if you get that reference). At one point you also get to give yourself a title, which the game will suggest for you, but me being the modest and humble player I chose a relaxed name, Overlord. All jokes aside, the game felt pretty smooth. Crafting and building is easy enough, but I could not easily figure out how to rotate building, or if that was even a feature. I would like to see this feature added in at some point, because I really want to be able to like my houses up accordingly.

First Game

This is actually the first game I have played in this genre. I never really paid much attention to these pixel town builders. I never even tried out Stardew Valley. The pixel style used in this game is incredibly well done, just like another indie title that I reviewed called Knights of Tartarus which you can read about here. I really do love indie games and I am glad to see these well designed games gaining some traction.

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All things considered would I say that Littlewood is worth it? Absolutely it is. Littlewood is an outstanding game that is still in development. The game hasn’t been fully released yet and is still an immersive masterpiece of intrigue and innovation. Littlewood’s developer Sean Young is incredibly passionate about the game and we think you will feel that when you play the game. From the story to the animations everything feels so comfortable. All I want to do is build my tiny town into something great. I just want to be able to rotate buildings, that is the only thing I would add or change about Littlewood. Other than that I have to say this game is fantastic. You can actually add the game to your steam wish list and I highly recommend you do so. You can also download the demo from

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