Steampunk Monster Hunter

Dauntless hit my radar recently while I was browsing the Epic Games store, just to see what they had to offer. Dauntless plays very similarly to a Monster Hunter style game. I found the game pretty easy to learn, and there is a pretty short tutorial, in the beginning, they teach you the basic mechanics of the game. I found the gameplay to match Eden Rising, which is a game we reviewed earlier. Dauntless isn’t a game that lacks popularity, but let’s fund out if it is worth your time in our Dauntless: Is It Worth It review?


 I don’t know if it is because I am a bit worn out on the genre, but I found Dauntless’s gameplay to be a bit dry, in the beginning, that is. After playing for a bit longer and getting a spear as a weapon, I found the gameplay picked up. The combat system plays like an action/combat RPG with an over the shoulder third-person view and easy to manage the fighting system. You have a basic attack, a heavy attack, a special attack, and a special attack. You can heal and dodge attacks.

 While the combat system didn’t amaze me, which could be me being picky, I enjoyed the central hub Ramsgate and the crafting system. My favorite thing in video games is crafting, and Dauntless made the crafting system seamless and easy to manage. I was able to make a spear first thing and get rid of my sword. You can craft armor upgrades, and make potions, which is incredibly fun for me. Gathering materials is relatively easy, and you can do it during your missions in the open world. This means that you should prolong your tasks to explore and harvest material. You will want to have plenty of potions to make sure you make it out of the mission alive.

 Another aspect I liked about Dauntless is character customization and access to emotes. I find it emotes in games entertaining and it was my distraction in World of Warcraft, and I always serenade my friends in Elder Scrolls Online. You can create your character the way you want them, but I hit randomize at the last second and got some albino character. Oh well, other than that you can customize your personality as they put it in the game and update your character’s banner among other things.


 I liked the graphics and animation of Dauntless. The cartoony and polished graphics gave me a Fortnite vibe, which makes sense from a game on the Epic Store. I did like the steampunk vibe with the flying and flapping airships that you see in the beginning. Other than that the artwork is stunning, and I would take a few moments to appreciate the game’s style.

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 While I wasn’t super impressed with the combat system of Dauntless, it still stands on its own. Simplicity in video games is an amazingly hard thing to achieve, and they did a fantastic job of making the game easy to play. What impressed me was the crafting system that makes the game much more worthwhile. I like being able to gather materials and upgrade my gear. I liked the social aspect of the game, being able to join a random cross-platform group, or team up with your friends doing similar missions creates a community. Dauntless did a great job of taking the lonely feel out of games of similar nature. I would recommend trying out Dauntless for free, and you can download it today on the epic store.

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