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For starters, I have been a long time fan of the Star Wars series. I absorbed almost all the content from books, games, tv shows, and movies. I was as big of a fan of the prequels as I was of the original series. I played Knights of the Old Republic countless times, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (original) and even the Force Unleashed. I never had a single quarrel with the Star Wars franchise. In fact, I was even relieved when Disney bought the series as it meant we would get far more Star Wars content. Rest in Peace 1313 though. To say I was a Star Wars fan is an understatement

Where some people picked Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter as their primary fandom, and yes you can like all three at the same time. I was a die-hard Star Wars fan. This is why I felt I needed to vent my frustration with the newest movie. As a quick disclaimer, there will be spoilers.

Why Palpatine?

Star Wars Episode 9 was off to a rocky start from the beginning. I think having Palpatine be the main villain was just a poor and cheap choice. I think it actually cheapened the original trilogy by reviving Palpatine. Also making Rey related to Palpatine was just the laziest choice possible. Having her parents be “no-one” was actually kind of a cool premise. While I am sure all of us wanted her to be a Solo, Kenobi, or Skywalker Rey being no-one was kind of incredible. She overcame her hardship, her force sensitivity was found within her, and she lived a life alone and secluded from everyone.

That leads me to another point. Did her parents want her to turn to the dark side? If they were so terrified of their lineage and the Emperor getting his clutches on her I understand why they gave her up, but where they left her was terrible. They left the grandchild of the strongest Sith Lord alone on a harsh environment. Pretty much asking her to grow up in fear, and hating her parents for abandoning her. Don’t get me wrong I really liked Rey and I kind of hope she gets a stand-alone movie at some point. I just think the writers and directors took her arc in a poor way.

Extra Weird Arcs

There are a few things Episode 9 could have done better and the arcs had a weird flow even for Star Wars franchise. I can’t believe they did my boy Finn like that. Honestly, my hope since I watched the Force Awakens was that both Finn and Rey would be force sensitive and become Jedis together. Obviously, I didn’t get that. Instead, I got some weird Ocean’s 11 scene, and an almost epic on-screen death that didn’t happen. If Finn could have sacrificed himself for the greater good instead of being saved by Rose it would have been amazing and so real. Instead, they had Rose save Finn and then decided not to even use her in the next movie because Star Wars fans can’t control themselves. Finn had nearly no Arc and really neither did Poe. The main focus was on Kylo Ren and Rey “PalpaWalker”.

Swapping Directors

I’m not going to blame the directors for each movie, because as singular movies they do hold up pretty well. My gripe is the fact that Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams couldn’t create a story that had cohesion. It really felt like they were trying to just undermine each other and that was a bummer. It’s like two children playing tug of war with my favorite multi-million dollar franchise. Snoke had the potential to be a really mysterious and intimidating villain, oh well.

A New Hope (For the Future)

I hope we get a Rey stand-alone movie. I know we probably won’t but she has a cool new yellow lightsaber and I want to see her in action with it. I was really disappointed though, that she wasn’t given a double-bladed lightsaber akin to Bastilla in the Knights of the Old Republic. It would have been a good time to give the protagonist a different weapon than her predecessors. I mean Kylo Ren had a cool lightsaber, why can’t Rey? I do hope that Kathleen Kennedy doesn’t have any erroneous ideas for the Mandalorian and that the Rise of Skywalker was just a huge fluke that will be swept under the rug. I want my Obi-Wan series and I want it now. Speaking of which, does anyone want a series based around the Empire or First Order? I think it would be great to see how they operate.

Ironclad Review: 7/10 (Capped off the series, but left much to be desired)

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