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2019 Ironclad Gaming Momocon Highlights

2019 Ironclad Gaming Momocon Highlights

Loads of Fun

 The Ironclad Game Review duo has gone to a lot of conventions this year, and while there may be many more to come, no convention can live up to Momocon 2019. From the celebrity guests to the late night raves Momocon truly had it all. We had the pleasure of trying out a plethora of indie games at Momocon, and we found a few of our new favorite and sought after games of 2019. The teams behind these games are all exceptionally gifted, and it was hard to narrow down our top five list of Indie games at Momocon. After much deliberation and a ton of edits, we believe we found the list that holds true. Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey of epic proportions from platformers to real-time strategy games, and everything in between.

Top Five Indie Games at Momocon

 Number Five:

 Making the list purely due to originality alone, Roundguard is a Peggle style rogue-lite indie game. If that description has you scratching your heads, then I will delve into the intricacies of this dungeon crawler. Like most dungeon crawlers, there are three classes that are available Rogue, warrior, and sorcerer. I played the rogue class like I always do, and it was incredibly fun. Not only do you control your character’s descent into the dungeon, but you have to defeat every creature by bouncing on them, and you have a health and mana pool that is typical in dungeon crawlers but not so much in Peggle style games. Using angles to grab potions on the board and doubling jumping into enemies is a skill in and of itself. Wonder Belly Games, the developers behind Roundguard took time to make the physics of the game streamlined and comfortable. After the tutorial, I felt much more at ease with angling my character. For more information on Roundguard, follow them on Twitter @Roundguardgame and check out the gameplay trailer below.

 Number Four:

 If you were a fan of Fire Emblem or Advance War like I am then Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble should be a game worth checking out. Possibly one of the most hyped games at Momocon with their announcer getting on the megaphone and giving out free paper hats, I just had to check out this turn-based strategy game. Like most RTS and Turn-based strategy games, the map is a typical top-down view with terrain making a tremendous difference in the fight against your enemies. The similarity between Tiny Metal and Advanced Wars was very apparent on the second level. You can capture cities, fight against tanks and APCs with your infantry or rocket units, or try to fight from the trees for a tactical advantage. I enjoyed my time playing Tiny Metal. What I was happy to see was that the game made it’s a way to Nintendo Switch and Steam which is a feat for sure. Check out their trailer below to see if this is the game for you we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

 Number Three:

 Number three on our list is a game we, unfortunately, didn’t get to play but learned a lot about while talking to the dev team at Momocon. Parallel is roughly a spellcaster version of Dark Souls. The game has been in development for two and a half years by a group of college students and if that wasn’t enough to impress you, then the animation and fighting style certainly will. Parallel has a dynamic combat system with a few abilities and full customization of abilities as well as two passives. You will need to think on your feet because certain bosses will take strategically picked spells and you have the option of attacking the boss with brute force or going about it more methodically. The game features controller support, and they are set to release mid-2020 on steam. Check out their twitter @Zasfarr and their website https://www.parallelthegame.com/ as well as their gameplay trailer below.

 Number Two:

 Slime Evo is second on our list and is the first Metroidvania platformer that we have ever mentioned on our website. One thing we felt we needed to highlight is that the developer of the team is also an author of a series that they based their game on. The idea of it reminded me of the Witcher series, be sure to check out his website https://falconstories.wordpress.com/. Slime: Evo is an exciting game; the main protagonist is a slime that is traversing through dungeons and has different variations that it can morph into. I started the game on the Goblin King and had a tougher time than I would like to admit, but the game itself was an absolute dream to play, and I cannot wait for the full release which is said to be December of 2020 at the latest. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter and their gameplay trailer below.

 Number One:

 This was the hardest choice I ever had to make, but I decided that the best option was Eagle Island. A Banjo Kazooie inspired platformer; you play a heroic adventurer named Quill with your owl companion Koji as you explore Eagle Island. You owl has unique abilities which had a slight resemblance to Megaman with the unlockable abilities. Your owl can be used as a boomerang to take down various foes and many more abilities. Eagle Island features some outstanding pixelated artwork as well as stunning gameplay. Pixelnicks, the dev team behind Eagle Island, shows their passion for their game in their artwork and gameplay. Be sure to check out their twitter @Pixelnicks and their website http://pixelnicks.net/. Eagle Island is so good it has already won its a fair share of awards. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

 Runner Up:

 Elemensional Rift holds a special place in my heart. The game is being created by a single developer and has been in development for over five years. We felt the dedication from the developer as soon as we started playing this pixelated platform fighter. Elemensional Rift features a load of different fighters, and each fighter has a set number of special attacks and neutral attacks to set the pace of the fight. Any game that has a passionate single developer is worth mentioning, and I highly recommend you try out this game.

 Tabletop Games

 Momocon not only had some fantastic indie games featured, but they also had some board games and trading card games at the forefront of the convention. One popular game you may have heard of was Bakugan, which I haven’t seen since I was a young child. Momocon did a stellar job with bringing Bakugan to their convention, and the Bakugan arena was an absolute dream. Bakugan hosted a free play tournament, and if you won four matches in a row, you had the option of entering a cage match with the developers and winning a special prize. The Ironclad Duo was so blown away by the game we immediately bought three starter packs after the Bakugan team taught us how to play both versions of their game. The simple version of Bakugan doesn’t involve a deck of cards and is just a duel-style of RNG. The more complex version consists of a deck of forty cards that act as your life points and taking damage causes you to discard your cards. You can power up your Bakugan and win each fight as well as do a team attack once you unlock all three of your Bakugan. For more information on Bakugan check out their website https://bakugan.com/en/universe

 Our second favorite board game is an indie game by the name of Zer0 Inbox, which is loosely based on Monopoly and Uno, but with an office setting. The main goal of the game is to get rid of your cards before your teammates and hit the finish line before gaining any more cards. You can forward emails to your “coworkers” to reduce the number of cards in your hand as well as match their cards with emails of the same subject line. The game is intended for 3-6 players, and it was one of my favorite tabletop games that I came across this year. Check out their website https://www.zer0inbox.com/about and their twitter @Zer0Inbox. The small team behind it is set to release their full version of the game very soon.


 It wouldn’t be a video game convention without eSports and Momocon did a fantastic job at incorporating multiple popular games across numerous platforms. My favorite was seeing Halo Combat Evolved and Super Smash Brothers Melee. Those two games molded me into the gamer that I am and I am glad that these conventions are keeping them alive. Momocon being based in Atlanta also had members of the Overwatch League team Atlanta Reign on deck, and they were signing posters and very happy to meet their fans. If you are familiar with Hirez games such as Paladins and Smite Momcon featured their eSports production team Skillshot, and they were more than happy to answer any questions related to their games. What stood out the most to me may not be considered an eSport but is competitive, and that is Robot Battles. I was mesmerized by them, and it was probably one of my favorite things to watch at Momocon.

 Celebrity Guests

 Being huge Overwatch and Mario fans, we were ecstatic to get to sit in on the interviews for the voice actors of these various videogames. The voice actors are incredibly humble, and each one of them loves the characters they voice. It was great to see the person behind the characters we have been playing since our early years, and seeing that they all genuinely love their character was even more thrilling.

 Other Notable Highlights

 Some standout highlights didn’t fit in any of the above categories but were worth mentioning. The first one was the late night cyberpunk rave that was hosted at Momocon, and it was truly a sight to behold. I had a blast getting to see the flashing lights and the very catchy tunes; their DJ nailed the music. For my Final Fantasy fans out there Momocon had a live concert of music dedicated to final fantasy. They also featured two of our favorite video game charities. Random Acts which is a charity that is dedicated to giving to those in need check them out at https://www.randomacts.org/. Our other favorite is Take This whcih is a charity dedicated to the psycholgy side of gaming and being supportive to those in need. Take This even hosted a special room you could go in if the convention was overwhelming and we were so happy to see them at Momocon, check out their website https://www.takethis.org/ for more information.

 Momocon 2019 honestly had everything you could think of and more. The convention featured so many different genres of fandom that I became a fan of new anime, new tabletop games, and of course new indie games. This was our first year at Momocon, and we are very thankful they invited us on as press. We will certainly be attending next year and every year after. Get your tickets for Momocon 2020 on their website https://www.momocon.com/ and don’t miss out on this epic convention.

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