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Mobile Review: Wild Beyond

Mobile Review: Wild Beyond


Today we are going to be reviewing the mobile game, Wild Beyond. Wild beyond is a sci-fi RTS game with the options for 1v1 and 2v2s. Wild Beyond is an extremely fast paced game with a bevy of heroes to choose from that each offer their own potential strategy and their own set of troops. Much like other RTS games there are many ways to win. Zerging the enemy base with overwhelming troops and power. Waiting out their strategy and mirroring their movements. Playing defense and sapping away at your opponents resources until the all or nothing round and winning on auto-pilot.

Game Play

From my first play through I thought Wild Beyond was incredibly simple and offered few options. Once I leveled up and started facing harder opponents and different heroes (commanders) I realized how fun and competitive the game truly was. My favorite Commander is Kuro, due to the ability to zerg in the early game and then summon hard hitting tanks later in the match.

My favorite aspect of the game Wild Beyond is how fast matches are. With only five minutes a match you are able to play one quick match while waiting in line or multiple matches in a row without a long wait in between. I also believe the quick matches add to the strategy of the game, getting behind in Wild Beyond is something you want to avoid as you do not have much room to make up for those mistakes. Time is key in this game.

Ironclad Review

I highly recommend playing Wild Beyond at least once. It is a free to play game that offers like advantage to players willing to pay and you can advance through this entire game without paying a single cent, that's what I have done so far. Download Wild Beyond today and let me know what you think!

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