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AVARIAvs: Is It Worth it?

AVARIAvs: Is It Worth it?

Your New eSport

 AVARIAvs is a turn-based game that pits you against an opponent in a duel-style setting. You have the option of customizing your team or using the default loadouts provided. We had the pleasure of coming into contact with AVARIAvs and Juncture Media at Pax East a few months ago, and we are happy that their game has been making waves within the community. The matches run pretty quickly, and the pace is something I was incredibly comfortable with. Let’s take a deep dive into AVARIAvs and see what all the fuss is about in our Ironclad Review.


 AVARIAvs, as we said above, is a fast-paced turn-based combat game. Much like the fighting styles of any turn-based game, you have a set number of abilities you can use, and each one may have a different effect. During gameplay, you can upgrade a specific skill to make it much more powerful. This can be done to max out one ability or increase the strength of each subsequent ability. There are many damaging abilities, and each has a specific role. My favorite is Degeneration, which chips away at your opponent health, much like a Damage Over Time effect. There are much more status effects, and you can read about them on the official website here. The game has a duel-style setting of you versus another player, and each team consists of three characters.

 AVARIAvs has a few custom loadouts that help you get used to the different fighting styles in the game. My favorite loadout is the tactician as it is the most balanced, so it fits exactly what I like to do. I could use brute force, damage over time abilities, and heal my team with the Tactician build. The other loadouts are as follow, Berserker, Mender, Guardian, Warlock, and Sentinel. Each default loadout has a specific use within the game, but if you aren’t satisfied with the loadouts they created, you have two custom slots that you can try out yourself. I didn’t make any custom loadouts, but that’s because I am a huge noob. AVARIAvs may seem a little overwhelming at first, but they do an incredible job of providing walkthroughs and the basics of the game through their game and website, and you can also find out all about that here.

 Quick Tips

There are a few different strategies that you can implement. You can focus down one character to take them out early; I would recommend the healer in the group. You can also do AOE damage to the party and start chipping away slowly at them and even add some stacks of degeneration to max out the damage and put your opponent on the defensive. I found that pre-healing my team was useful to keep myself ahead, but again, there is no set strategy within AVARIAvs. Find out what playstyle you like the most and learn it.

 Graphics and Animation

 If you’ve been following the blog long enough, then you know for a fact that graphics are huge to us. If a game is hard to look at I can’t give it the Ironclad Shield of Approval. AVARIAvs is not only gorgeous in terms of character models, but the battlefield that you play on looks great. While everything is stationary, you still get to see the battlefield from different perspectives, and I love it. The animation style is a force to be reckoned with, getting to see a giant rock come out of a portal and crash down on your enemy is something I think about constantly. While you may be thinking about your next move, make sure you take a moment to appreciate the art style that went into making this game.


 I wanted to touch on the eSports side of AVARIAvs because I think the game has a ton of potential. There are a lot of 1v1 style games out there be it card games, fighting games, or strategy games they are all so fascinating to watch from the eSports side of things. AVARIAvs is hosting tournaments online regularly, and they just recently held their official launch tournament. If you enjoy the game and want to try your hand at an AVARIAvs tournament, make sure you check out their ESPORTS section on their website. Each tournament has a prize pool, and we genuinely think this game will be huge.

 Ironclad Review

 It is no secret that we love this game. The fast-paced strategy makes it easy to play a quick match while also feeling challenged. One thing to note is that I never felt like I was getting demolished by my opponent, and I usually do. This means that each match is relatively fair and moving carefully through each match will help give you an edge within the game. Finding your playstyle will be crucial to your success within AVARIAvs, and I would toy around with the different builds to see what you enjoy the most. Be sure to check out their website for more information and follow them on Twitter @AVARIAvs and @JunctureMedia. If you want to engage with the community even more, then you can join their discord where they are always more than happy to chat with newcomers. Check out AVARIAvs on steam, and as always there will be a direct link to the game below. Let us know what you think of AVARIAvs in the comments and as always, Farewell Traveler.

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