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Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Is It Worth It?

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Is It Worth It?

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 In recent years, Asymmetric survival action games have been on the rise. With popular titles such as Dead by Daylight being at the forefront of these games. Deathgarden: Bloodharvest is also an asymmetric action game where you can take on the role of a sinister predator with a thirst for blood and a profound lack of mercy. If you don’t like playing alone, then you can take the role of a scavenger just trying to find a better life for themselves by participating in the blood harvest. Regardless of your choices, you will be taking on a role like never before in Deathgarden, find out whether you want to be the predator or the prey.


 Deathgarden takes place within a limited space arena. The terrain changes each time you load in, so adapting to your surroundings won’t be an easy feat. There are four maps in Deathgarden and every time you load in the maps loads an entirely new iteration. This means you will most likely never play the same map twice, which puts everyone on an even playing field whether or not you chose to be a Hunter or a Scavenger. The maps feature crate pickups that can be used by both the Scavengers and Hunters. You can pick up Ammo, Health, and Power Cores. Each crate plays a significant role in Deathgarden, and picking them up early on will be vital to success. The main objective for Scavengers in Deathgarden is collecting and delivering blood. The Hunter’s job is to stop the Scavengers from collecting blood and to execute every scavenger.

 Hunters, If you like playing alone and want to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, then playing as a Hunter is a perfect option. Hunters are the Deathgardens gatekeepers, and their sole purpose in life is making sure the Scavenger doesn’t succeed. Hunters have every tool in their arsenal to make the fight unfair for the Scavengers, and you will feel incredibly powerful when you play as a hunter. There are currently three different hunters to choose from. The Inquisitor is the first hunter you may come across and has an assault rifle and a shotgun for close range. The Inquisitor also has anti-personnel turrets which give you an edge when trying to corral Scavengers for the kill. The second Hunter is the Stalker, who has the ability to turn invisible to sneak up on her prey. The Stalker carries a sniper rifle and a burst rifle to stalk her prey and take them out without a sound. The final Hunter is the Poacher who uses mines to take out Scavengers as well as a machine gun and an auto-shotgun.

 As a Hunter, your main objective will be to track down every scavenger and take them out before they can leave the Deathgarden. To do so you have a few advantages, first and foremost you are the only person who can deal damage to players which gives you a significant advantage. You can also collect power cores to activate abilities and sentry drones, which will alert you of the presence of the Scavengers in that given area. When a Scavenger is delivering blood, the blood bank will light up, and you will be able to see where they are on the map. You can also hack health, ammo, and power core crates, and if a Scavenger happens upon that crate, then you can track them down.

 Scavengers, If you like the frantic feeling of being chased or outsmarting someone who has all the advantages, then I recommend the Scavengers. Much like the Hunters, there are different types of Scavengers, and each has their own special ability to surviving the Deathgarden.  There are five scavengers in Deathgarden, and each one is equipped with a Vambrace that shoots arrows which can disable sentry drones, or mark key location in the Deathgarden. Fog is the first Scavenger you play as and he has the ability to throw smoke bombs on the ground which will give the hunter a much harder time targeting and tracking you. Sawbones can heal her team with her Vambraces ability, which can be clutch when being chased down. Inked, gives teammates a shield for a short duration, which may turn the tide of the chase in your favor. Ghost, can make Scavengers invisible with his Vambrace power. Lastly, Switch creates a clone of herself to turn the Hunter off her scent and create chaos.

 The cards are stacked against you as a Scavenger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still win. Playing with your team and making sure you evade detection is the true skill within Deathgarden. As a scavenger, you can climb on top of things, sneak around, and hide in bushes to keep yourself from getting caught by the hunter. If you get downed by the Hunter, the chances that you will be executed are incredibly high. To avoid being executed you can pick up a health crate which will revive you, so hope you’re lucky enough to be near one. Once your team collects all the blood in the Deathgarden, the exits will open up, and then the Hunter’s Blood Mode will be activated. This will give the hunter true sight and running away and finding the exit will be critical. Additionally, if you are the last Scavenger remaining, or it’s the final minute of the match the exits will open up, and the Hunter’s blood mode will be activated. For a teaser watch the short 2 minute video below for more information about Deathgarden.


 I was honestly enthralled by Deathgarden’s story. I wasn’t expecting such a rich story that made the game make sense. It wasn’t just some mindless killing/ survival game. It was a story that made you feel like you had a role inside the game. The gist of it is that humanity destroyed most of the world. The victorious ones created lavish cities that the common folk (Scavengers) couldn’t enter. That is unless the Scavenger participated in the Deathgarden. If you make it out of the Deathgarden, then you can live in the city for the rest of your life. As a Hunter, your only objective is to make sure no one makes it into the city; killing is all you care about. Knowing the story ahead of time made the role of both the Hunter or Scavenger that much more thrilling.

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 So, what did I think of Deathgarden? It is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat and give you the sense of urgency you have been craving. Deathgarden won’t spoon-feed you a win, and even on a team, you’re still on her own. Even as a Hunter, I always felt that sense of urgency when attempting to stalk my prey. No game compares to Deathgarden. The storyline is clear cut but has such a deep meaning. The gameplay gives you goosebumps and will chill you to the core. Everyone should play Deathgarden; it is truly a one of a kind game. Check out Deathgarden on twitter @DEATHGARDENgame and feel free to join the conversation in their Discord server. As always we will be linking their game below, so check them out on steam as well. Happy Hunting.

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