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Dungeon Rushers: What is It?

Dungeon Rushers: What is It?

Lightweight Dungeon Crawl

 Today I wanted to talk about a lightweight dungeon crawler known as Dungeon Rushers. As a quick disclaimer I affiliated with this game through the xsolla partner network, so I do get some monetary gain if you ultimately decide to buy the game. That being said, this review will still be as unbiased as possible, as I didn’t want to change my writing style or alienate my readers. I wasn’t sure what to think about this game, but I did take a lot of notes. Here is a look at Dungeon Rushers.

 Gameplay and Story

 You start the game as a wannabe adventurer known as Elian, who dreams of crawling dungeons and getting high tier loot. To get through the dungeon, you move squares, more similar to a board game and find monster encounters along the way. The first few dungeons will be mostly skeleton archers, warlocks, and fighters. There seem to be around 3-5 monster encounters throughout the dungeon, and if you aren’t careful you can die pretty easily, but you have health potions that will save you as long as you use them at the right time.

 After each monster encounter, you will get loot and experience. Loot can be anything from crafting materials to gold, and even gear upgrades. The experience you gain will play a major role and will help you build along the way. Elian is a ranger who uses a bow and sword, and you can upgrade each skill set or go for a specific specialization. I upgraded my bow because I always do in RPGs, I’m weak like that.

 As you progress through the dungeons, you will meet more adventurers that will join your party. They will help you fight monsters in turn based encounters, and provide you with abilities you can use in the dungeon that will assist you in finding more loot. The first person I encountered was Thorgrim, a dwarf accountant with Thor-like abilities. That isn’t a typo, by the way; he is an accountant. You base ability is Pathfinder, which reveals two squares of the dungeon, helping you figure out where to go, and Thorgrim’s ability helps you find loot.

 Each ability uses Energy, which regenerates over time. As you level up, you gain more energy, and it plays a pivotal role in your dungeon crawling. Elian and Thorgrim can each use their energy to avoid traps but in two different ways. Thorgrim tanks the trap and takes all damage, while Elian attempts to disarm it. Both of those abilities take a good deal of energy, so I typically save it all for that.

 Combat plays a huge role in the dungeon-crawling RPGs, and I enjoyed the combat in Dungeon Rushers. It wasn’t all too challenging, and I could relax and play the game. Like I said earlier, each opponent has an attack turn. During this turn, you can choose one of your abilities, to defend, or use a health potion. I had to use a ton of health potions to survive my second dungeon. Just as a side note, you can not melee a target that is behind another creature, but you can use ranged attacks to take them out. Each character also has their health, energy, and mana pool so you can plan accordingly during your attacks.

 Other Game Types

 I thought Dungeon Rushers was going to be a sole PVE game, but I was wrong. There are some online features to the game that sparked a lot of interest for me. I wasn’t able to see any of them, but I bet you can make assumptions as I did with their names alone. The first one in the tavern was Friendly Matches, which means there is some PVP in the game. The second was Popular Dungeons, which sounds like it could be really fun. The third and fourth were adventures and tournaments which I wasn’t sure how I felt about, but it adds more content to the game.


 There were a few things in the game that felt too out of place to put them into one category, so this will be one of the few times we will have a miscellaneous section in our reviews. For starters, there is a witch that you meet in a dungeon that will buy items, sell you items, and you can even gamble with her. I gambled 80 g, and all I got was a lousy health potion and crafting material, so I was a bit bummed out. Each dungeon also has “events” which can be anything from a spring that heals you to bonus loot. I recommend exploring the whole dungeon before leaving as you may miss out on a bonus.

 Ironclad Review

 I enjoyed playing Dungeon Rushers, and I think it is a game I will often play when I just want something relaxing to play. I will say while I overall enjoyed the entire game, the dialogue stood out to me. It was slightly entertaining to read, but it felt very cheap and forced. Like it was trying too hard to be funny, so I have to take some points off because it felt like lazy writing. Other than that, I didn’t have a concern with the game. It was incredibly fun to upgrade my character and fight monsters in this incredibly light weight game. I’m not kidding, I think this game took up a few megabits, and that’s it. I would say that this game plays more like a mobile game than a true PC game. That being said, I do recommend this game, while it is on sale. We appreciate you guys using our affiliate links and use a discount code for 10% off your total purchase. If you enjoyed the game let us know! For more info. click here: Dungeon Rushers

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