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Splitgate: Is It Worth It?

Splitgate: Is It Worth It?

Dust Off Your Portal Gun

If you’ve been reading our posts for longer than a week then you will know how much we love Halo. I have complained my entire life that there isn’t a game like Halo on PC. What does this have to do with Splitgate you might be wondering? Well, Splitgate is described by the developers as “Halo meets Portal” two classic games that currently only have two titles on PC. While there may be a portal sequel and Halo MCC is coming to PC there is beside the point. Splitgate caught me by surprise, and I just had to try it as a long time Halo veteran. Let’s find out if Portal and Halo indeed mix in our Splitgate: Is It Worth It review!

Game Play

If the first thing you wanted to know was “what’s the story like” then this isn’t the review for you. Halo and Portal, mixed, its everything you never thought you wanted and more. I was only able to play the Alpha, and I feel the game has a lot more to offer. As soon as I played the first match though I could tell the game was made by other Halo fans. There are power weapons that spawn on a timer at critical points in the map. The map I played felt a lot like an expanded Covenant map, just to set the scene. In the top middle of the map, there was a shotgun spawn, and I made sure to grab that as soon as I could. Splitgate like all good FPS games features a melee ability that deals a ton of damage and can be your panic switch if you need it.

Let’s talk about your loadout. While Splitgate is made by Halo 3 veterans and fans, I think it plays a little more like Halo Reach. That wasn’t an insult; Reach is my favorite Halo. In Splitgate you start with the standard scoped battle rifle and sidearm that is a classic staple in most FPS games. You also have the ability to use a jet pack which I wasn’t in love with, but after getting used to it, I enjoyed. Other than that you have portals in your kit that you can use on specific objects.

Portals were confusing to me. I didn’t get a chance to play a tutorial, so that didn’t help. You can use portals much like in the game Portal, on particular objects. This leads to a whole new level of strategy. Also, don’t be like me and shoot yourself through your portal. You can use your portals to cut and run, bring over teammates, or flank enemies. The possibilities are endless.

 Future Hopes

 I want to see CTF being a staple game mode in Splitgate. My favorite game mode in Halo is CTF and Anthem fell very short of having a PVP CTF map. The potential for CTF in Splitgate would be insane and for a good reason. If Splitgate gets in on the eSports scene early then, I think we will see it get a lot of traction in the competitive FPS world. Everyone loved the competitive MLG scene of Halo and many other FPS games. Splitgate is made for competitions, with the maps and with the game types being so unique not even to mention gameplay. Can you imagine getting to see the pro strats for using the portals? It will be a whole new level of creativity in this game. We will see some fantastic bunker strats and map rotations. The game being made by Halo 3 vets will give the game variation. We saw that in 0.0.2 of the Alpha.

 The Alpha

 Splitgate was in a closed Alpha for a short weekend, and it was a lot of fun to play. I might get roasted for this, but the game reminded of Reach. Having the movement of a short jet pack and getting creative with portals was fun. I focused on trying to set up portals. When I played Oddball, which is holding a ball for a set amount of points, the portals were a pretty big deal. If you didn’t converge on the enemy team fast enough, they would make a clean getaway. While you can follow them through their portal, they had the advantage of sight.

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 I had the chance to play both lan and online with Splitgate, and both were incredibly fun. While the closed Alpha had some issues in the beginning, Splitgate was quick to fix the problem and to update their player base via Twitter. Splitgate has a lot of potential. Even with Halo coming to PC I think Splitgate will be a direct competitor. While I will be playing Halo on PC for the nostalgia aspect, I believe Splitgate will take over as my new FPS. Overwatch and Halo have a very special place in my heart, but I love the portal aspect. Melees and weapon spawns are a considerable part of Splitgate just like it was in Halo.

I searched for that shotgun or sniper on any map that I could. I am unsure however if they will be adding power-ups like stealth or over shield. I think they might stay away from that, so they don’t seem like a complete Halo rip off. The individuality of the game is there, and I didn’t feel like I was playing Halo. The game modes, maps, and armor all look very similar, and I was all right with that. I really can’t wait to see the eSports scene to take off in Splitgate. Once orgs start taking notice and the game launches we will see some pretty great tournaments. I think that Overwatch had a few beta tournaments during their early stages and it helped people get a better feel for the game. The more closed alpha and betas that 1047 games do the better. Recognition for a new game is vital, and Splitgate has already done a great job at branding themselves. I think everyone should play this game and sign up for the newsletter to gain access to upcoming closed betas.


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