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The Last Friend: Is It Worth It?

The Last Friend: Is It Worth It?

Your New Friend

We had the pleasure of coming across The Last Friend at Pax East this weekend. The game caught my eye as soon as I walked passed the booth. The Last Friend had some game elements that I had never seen before. The motivation behind playing the game is on a whole other level. The Last Friend is a beat em up tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Maybe the post-apocalypse isn’t a new element for surviving, but The last Friend takes the game into a whole new direction. You play as Alpha, a man with a mobile dog shelter. Alpha’s quest is to save as many dogs as possible in this post-apocalyptic world where dogs are a delicacy and main source of food for mutants. That’s right your motivation is making sure puppies don’t get eaten, I don’t know what more you’d need. Let’s dive in and find out if the Last Friend is worth it!

 Game Play

 The Last Friend as we said before is a beat em up tower defense game. That’s a pretty new combination of elements. What this means for the player is that the game is versatile. While you need some balance between the two, you can lean more towards tower defense, or toward the beat em up aspect. This aspect of play was very different, but I leaned more towards the beat em up element. I didn’t play the game for very long, but Alessandro who was running the booth at Pax East gave me a ton of great information. The game focuses on saving and teaming up with dogs. Each dog you save or team up with has a different ability that can be useful for you as you progress in the game.

 We were not able to find out what all the dogs do (spoilers). What we do know is that your dogs can be upgraded with treats, so you will need to collect treats each level to make your puppy grow big and strong. The chances of your favorite breed of puppy being in the game are very high. The tower defense aspect of the game is similar to Plants Versus Zombies in the same way that you will need to protect your lanes with multiple towers to keep your base safe. The difference between Plants Versus Zombies and The Last Friend aside from the Beat Em Up aspect is the use of batteries. You will need to place batteries throughout your lanes to charge up your turrets. This made the game more challenging, and you will need to think ahead.

 Story and Graphics

 The Last Friend’s story and graphics are worth mentioning. As we said, the game is centered around saving dogs, in a post-apocalyptic world. I felt like I was immersed in the game playing as Alpha, who runs a mobile dogs shelter. I honestly feel like I failed when I saw the “defeat” on my screen. I wanted to redeem myself, and when the game gets a full release, I definitely plan to.

 The graphics were cartoony, but not in a bad way. I normally prefer pixel graphics in game’s like this, but The Last Friend perfectly executed what their game should look like. The graphics feel so smooth and mesh well with the environment. I can still picture them now; they were truly phenomenal.

 Developer Story

 Usually, at Ironclad Game Reviews, we set up our blogs in two parts and then give you our review. Today we are going to add a third element to this article because the story meant a lot to us. The development team The Stone Bot studios is from El Salvador. The team pulled off something historical for Central America and became the first publisher to have a release for their game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4 , as well as PC of course. This felt like it was worth mentioning as that is an incredibly difficult task to achieve for any startup, but making history is up there. The developers also wanted to be able to give back to their community, and the success of their game could indeed help that. We always love seeing what gaming can do for communities, and we felt that The Stonebot exemplified this. I genuinely hope everyone keeps this in consideration when the game gets released.

 Ironclad Review

 The Last Friend is definitely on our list of games to play in 2019. While the game hasn’t been fully released yet, the official release date will be August of 2019. As we said before the game is developed by The Stonebot studios and Ludus Games both based in El Salvador, and the first one to get their game published on Nintendo. The gameplay mixed with the story was enough to get us hooked, and I have been thinking about the game since I played it nearly a week ago. Truly an immersive experience and I never felt more motivated to beat a game in my life. If you like saving dogs and you like post-apocalyptic tower defense and beat em up mash-up games, then you will like The Last Friend. I would honestly try this game out. The developers will also be running a Kickstarter in May, and while I wasn’t able to find out all the tiers on the list, I did find out the two that sounded the best to me. One of the tiers is that a picture of you and your dog will be added to the end credits of the game. The other tier I was able to find out is that your dog will be made into a character in the game. Both of those sound amazing and having my dog immortalized into a game that is making history sounds excellent to me. Check out their twitter @thestonebot for updates as well as their website https://www.thelastfriend.net/ for more info. We sincerely hope you give this game a shot and add it to your steam Wishlist! Be on the lookout for The Last Friend in August of 2019, and farewell traveler.

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