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Warface: Is It Worth It?

Warface: Is It Worth It?

War Never Changes

Warface is a modern fps with a few different classes. Much like Battlefield each class has unique characteristics. The game popped up on my radar due to some free twitch prime loot. The game itself is free to download so I figured I might as well give it a go. This game has a combat medic, so I was drawn to it. Even with a combat medic class though I still wasn’t sold on the game. Let’s find out if Warface is really worth the space on your system.

Game Play

Like every fps game on the market Warface features a tutorial that is incredibly unnecessary. I hate tutorials, but I tolerate them based on need. Warface’s tutorial is the most useless tutorial I have ever played. If you have played any shooter on PC then you already know what is about to happen. Learn to walk, learn to run, learn to crouch, shoot at a target with hip fire and scope, so on and so forth. I was so bored during the tutorial I actually started playing games on my phone, yikes.

Not only do you have to sit through a boring and generic tutorial, also get to “rank up” to be able to play online. That’s right, if you weren’t bored enough from a tutorial purgatory you get to do it in real time with a story mode tutorial that you also have to find a group for. Warface is really pioneering the way for new FPS games right?

Honestly the game play in Warface is like any other shooter. There really isn’t anything I can add that you don’t already know. You aim at a target and shoot, you can crouch, and you can throw grenades. The game really just felt like a cheap version of Call of Duty, and that isn’t me lacking creativity.


Okay, so I said that this game felt like a cheap version of Call of Duty. I wasn’t lying. If you would have shown me a trailer and said it was a Call of Duty ios game I would have believed you. The game is clunky and has no personality. I just felt like I was playing another generic fps game. I get that the game is free to play, but at least Black Light Retribution and Blackout had some unique qualities. I also didn’t like that fact that I couldn’t turn on window borderless mode, but that’s just me. Warface’s name even sounds generic.

Free to Play

I’m not going to lie. Free to play fps games typically never work. They fall in the realm of Pay to “win” and I say that lightly. I will always support free to play games. They are a great medium for all gamers to play together, but with shooters it is a slippery slope. Blacklight Retribution’s main drawback was the fact that you had to pay for guns. This is the case for basically every free to play FPS game on the market, luckily in Warface you unlock a gun just for doing the tutorial.

Ironclad Review

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I hated this game. I was really excited to download it and play it, but as soon as that tutorial hit I knew I was in a world of disappointment. Normally with every free to play game I tell you to try it out for yourself. Not this time, don’t waste the bandwidth and don’t waste the space on your hard drive. You will be disappointed. The game is more generic than grocery store soda. I honestly think I need to apologize to my computer and peripherals for making them run it. I was really hoping to find a good free to play shooter that I could recommend to you, but not this time. I will keep looking. In the meantime check out our Apex Legends Review, which is a good free to play shooter.

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