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Splitgate: Is It Worth It?

Splitgate is a new and upcoming FPS by 1047 games. The studio is trying its best to give us an arena style fps with a sci-fi setting. Let’s find out if Halo and Portals work in our Splitgate Review.

What is Moonlighter?

Take the role of adventurer and shop keeper in Moonlighter. Find out what we thought about this Rogue-like game. Moonlighter will give you much more to do than just crawl around dungeons.

What is Destiny's Sword?

Destiny’s Sword is a strategy based MMO. Your goal is to fight off the opposing faction to secure resources on an unknown planet. Destiny’s Sword also has a huge focus on mental health after battles. It was a pleasure to review this game.

Warface: Is It Worth It?

Warface is a modern FPS game. While the game is free to play that isn’t always a good thing. Find out if warface is actually worth a download with our review. Ironclad Gaming doesn’t hold back any punches in our Warface review.